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Leveraging LinkedIn for Nonprofits

Leveraging LinkedIn for Nonprofits LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network on the internet. You may use it to search for jobs, connect with professionals, or check in on friends’ job statuses. But are you utilizing LinkedIn for your nonprofit organization? Coming straight from the LinkedIn for Nonprofit page itself, LinkedIn can power your nonprofit in the following ways.   Hire – Find...

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Nonprofits can run abandoned cart campaigns too

Nonprofits can run abandoned cart campaigns too “HEY, REMEMBER THAT TIME YOU ALMOST GAVE US MONEY? HAHAHA US TOO.”  It can be awkward to remind well-intentioned people that they never completed the online donation process. This kind of outreach feels impossible for a nonprofit because nonprofits run off the charitable giving of the public. It doesn’t scream grateful when you call someone out for...

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Last minute tips for #GivingTuesday

We’ve written about the origins of #GivingTuesday, how to plan for #GivingTuesday, and other incredible #GivingTuesday fundraising opportunities. Now, let’s tackle what to do if you’ve waited until three weeks before the big day. If you’re a nonprofit marketer you may have carried out a #GivingTuesday campaign before. If you don’t know what it’s all about or...

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Leveraging Social Proof for your Non-Profit Website

Social proof is the idea that people will follow a course of actions and thoughts validated by others. If others start to cross a street before the light has changed, it’s very likely you too will start crossing – not because you’ve determined it’s safe but because everyone around you is doing it. Humans are suggestible beings. Marketers look to social proof as a measurement...

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#GivingTuesday: Non-Profits’ Answer to Black Friday

What is #GivingTuesday? #GivingTuesday started in 2012 as a collaboration between 92nd Street Y and the United Nations Foundation. 92nd Street Y is a New York-based Jewish organization that functions as a cultural and community center for people from all walks of life. #GivingTuesday is held each year on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. This year, the day falls on Tuesday, December 3rd. Seven years...

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