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Leveraging LinkedIn for Nonprofits

Leveraging LinkedIn for Nonprofits LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network on the internet. You may use it to search for jobs, connect with professionals, or check in on friends’ job statuses. But are you utilizing LinkedIn for your nonprofit organization? Coming straight from the LinkedIn for Nonprofit page itself, LinkedIn can power your nonprofit in the following ways.   Hire – Find...

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5 Things to Know About Classy for Facebook

5 Things to Know About Classy for Facebook Every nonprofit wants to know people care about their cause. One of the most crucial ways people can do that is through peer to peer campaigns.   Peer-to-peer campaigns are grown through the passion and dedication of your supporters to reach new audiences with your message. This kind of public support reinforces community trust in an organization and strengthens...

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3 Nonprofit Email Automations to Try

3 Nonprofit Email Automations to Try All nonprofits (and many companies in general) have similar pain points surrounding time constraints. One major problem is reaching out to an audience regularly, while still having time to take on every other important project. Each team member wears several hats, and there isn’t enough time in the day to complete every task. However, you need to constantly...

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Thanking Your Peer to Peer Fundraisers

Thanking Your Peer to Peer Fundraisers Saying thank you is one of the very first life lessons we learn. From a young age, we understand that the most important thing you can do is thank someone who used time and energy to help us. Flash forward to being adults running nonprofits, and that lesson still stands strong. Not just for the donors raising thousands of dollars, but the small grassroots...

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Compelling storytelling for nonprofit giving

A powerful nonprofit story can change minds, influence change, and impact entire communities.   Storytelling is how we learn about someone’s struggles and how we can emotionally connect with individuals whether they are 5 feet away or thousands of miles away.  You don’t need to already be a prominent figure to spread your story to millions of people. Some of the...

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Nonprofits can run abandoned cart campaigns too

Nonprofits can run abandoned cart campaigns too “HEY, REMEMBER THAT TIME YOU ALMOST GAVE US MONEY? HAHAHA US TOO.”  It can be awkward to remind well-intentioned people that they never completed the online donation process. This kind of outreach feels impossible for a nonprofit because nonprofits run off the charitable giving of the public. It doesn’t scream grateful when you call someone out for...

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Why Most of Your Facebook Followers Aren’t Going to Donate, and It’s Okay

A lot of people follow your nonprofit organization because they believe in your mission. Or they enjoy seeing some good in the world, and your feed delivers. Or they know someone touched by the work that you do, or they’re the aunt of the intern currently managing your profiles. The list goes on… The thing is, most of these answers don’t put these followers into the “want to give money” bucket....

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