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Before You Open Another Social Account, Read This Checklist

We talk about social here a lot. It’s hard not to, because it makes up such a huge part of our marketing world. But that world changes so fast! It always seems like just as soon as you’ve gotten into a groove with your social strategy, a brand new social app shows up. Suddenly, everyone’s talking and blogging about how cool and exciting it is, and you’re wondering if your...

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Pinterest Rebuild Aims for Global Domination

I once described Pinterest as a visual pinboard. Four years later, Pinterest has outgrown that cute and crafty term. They’ve graduated from being a recipe repository for soccer moms to an analytics-rich platform on which brands can build communities. And their success shows in their valuation — between May 2012 and June 2015, Pinterest’s estimated worth grew from a tidy $1.5 billion...

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Movin’ on up: Pinterest is now the third most popular social network

UPDATE: It’s been nearly three and a half years since I wrote this post, which in the fast-moving world of social media is practically a lifetime. It’s worth a revisit to see just how the landscape has shifted. Pinterest was still fairly new on the social marketing scene in 2012 — but where is it now? As far as rankings go, that sort of depends on who you ask. Social Media Examiner’s...

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Social Strategy: Should Your Small Business be on Pinterest?

For many of our clients, particularly small business owners, taking the plunge into social media marketing can feel incredibly overwhelming at first. It seems like there is a hot new social media platform or app creating buzz on an almost-weekly basis. Who has the time or resources to keep up with all the Vines, Twitters, and Instagrams of the world? Big brands like Ford and Coca-Cola can afford...

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Getting to Know Pinterest’s Guided Search

I like Pinterest just fine, but one of my biggest complaints to date has been the near-uselessness of the search function. Searching a term included pins across all categories, and with Pinterest categories as diverse as science and nature and womens’ fashion, all you could do was scroll endlessly through the myriad masses of results and try not to pull your hair out in frustration. Back in...

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What are People Doing on Pinterest?

Building a brand presence on social networks isn’t about jumping on the trend bandwagon. There’s no point in using Instagram or Twitter, after all, if that’s not where your customers are. But that’s why, as a marketer, staying on top of social trends is so vital — demographics and behaviors continuously shift and evolve, and you might start to find opportunities to...

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6 Most Unusual Social Media Accounts

It’s all but a given that businesses, celebrities, politicians, institutions, and agencies now have social networking accounts. We’ve heard so often about how imperative it is to “get social” and “connect with your audience” that eyebrows are raised when someone or something doesn’t at least have a Facebook page. Still, there are some instances where a given...

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The Ultimate Pinterest Pin, According to Science

The ultimate ideal Pinterest image is a recipe for cucumber, tomato, and onion salad. Image source: pauladeen.com Stop the pinning! The perfect Pinterest picture has finally been found. You can close your accounts and get back to doing whatever it was you did before Pinterest. There is nothing more to see here, folks. Okay, okay, you can keep pinning. There is no need to pull the plug on America’s...

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Pinterest Introduces Smarter “Rich Pins”

Better pins with Pinterest. One of the cool things about Pinterest is the ability to save everything in one place. But one of the most frustrating things about Pinterest is how often important information such as author, website URL, copyright, and other details are missing. Photos that are pinned directly from websites are often stripped of their metadata. And even when you’re careful to...

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Facebook versus Pinterest: Who’s Winning the Battle for Retail Dollars?

Honestly, I get a little tired of the constant pitting of one social media network against another. You know the drill: Facebook versus Twitter! Google versus Facebook! Instagram versus Flickr versus Pinterest! Each network is vastly different and it’s incredibly difficult to level the metric playing field enough to officially announce an ultimate “winner” among them. What’s...

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Pinterest Introduces Analytics for Brands

New Pinterest analytics track a variety of metrics, including pins, repins, impressions, and clicks. Pinterest recently added new functionality in the realm of analytics. Available for business accounts, Pinterest’s web analytics will measure pins, repins, impressions, and clicks over time. Now brand owners can more accurately measure and track numbers such as how many people are pinning from...

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eBay Gets a New Look; Looks to Pinterest for Social “Inspiration”

If there’s a constant on the Internet, it’s that things are always changing. One only has to look back at how drastically different our online world was just ten years ago to know this. But in the midst of the swirling, dizzying stream of constantly-evolving information, there has been one thing that quite literally remained constant for nearly two decades. eBay’s logo. That is,...

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