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What To Do With A Bad Review

We get it – you put your heart, soul, blood, sweat, and tears into your business. That one negative review is a tiny heartbreak that ruins your day. It makes you want to shout to the universe how that feedback is false and unfair. Bad reviews may seem like stains on your brand’s reputation, but we promise one or two bad reviews aren’t as awful as they seem. Yes –...

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Building An Online Newsroom

It goes by many names…”online newsroom,” “media page,” “press releases,” “digital newsroom”…but whatever you call it, the digital section of a website where you share PR items needs to be useful and pretty. Are you curious about what’s needed for creating a successful online newsroom? Well, then, this one’s for you! Online...

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Social Media + Public Relations = Social PR

Social PR: The Changed Landscape of Public Relations PR isn’t as simple as two letters anymore. We exist in a digital landscape that provides us with bigger audiences, better tools, and more opportunities for connecting. Gone are the days of getting the post ready for the 5 o’clock pickup or sending the intern out to deliver a pitch. Brand ambassadors and social media now rule the marketing...

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The Passé Press Release and Other Stories

The landscape of public relations has changed dramatically in the past decade. Old PR and distribution techniques won’t really cut it anymore. In place of the pitch letter and a list of editorial contacts are more tech-savvy ways of connecting with audiences across the interwebs. Blogging is en vogue but does that mean that press releases are now passé? It seems that every few years you read...

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Social Media: Why You Should Respond to Negative Comments

You’ve worked hard to grow your business and your reputation, and someone has just started complaining about you via one of the many social media channels available. If Fluffy is about to post a review, it's not going to be pretty. Unfortunately, there are endless examples to draw from. In fact, they follow a formula, and you can fill in the blanks (like MadLibs… brings me back!): (name)...

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