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Tag: relationship marketing

Lessons in Consumer Trust: Airbnb

Lessons in Consumer Trust: Airbnb Airbnb – everyone’s favorite way to travel like a local. The idea of Airbnb started when Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky decided to rent out an air mattress in their living room to make a little extra cash.  This small idea exploded into the monolith we see today – a company that has the hospitality industry shaking in their boots. On their expansive lists of rentals...

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5 Customer Relations Practices You Need To Adapt

5 Customer Relations Practices You Need To Adapt All the money, effort, time and planning you put into getting in front of potential customers is awesome. But, what do you do once you have their attention? Your customer relations strategy can hugely impact your business – positively or negatively. Certain relationship marketing practices need to be recognized to stay competitive in the coming years....

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How The Daily Wins At Relationship Marketing

From the New York Times, I’m Michael Barbaro. This is The Daily.  If you’re anything like me, almost all your working world knowledge is cultivated on a 45-minute morning commute to work listening to The Daily. The Daily is a NY Times-produced podcast that tackles current events 5 days a week. The Daily team pumps out deep-dive discussions into the political sphere, international...

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