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Increase Your Marketing Budget

Marketers constantly juggle many projects: planning their next campaign, delivering the current one, daily business such as email, social work, and meetings. But one of their most important tasks is measuring the contribution a certain marketing campaign has on revenue and profits. Because that can lead to increases in budget and we all want that! Marketing budgets are on the rise but marketers...

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What You Need to Know About Marketing Reporting

As an integrated marketing agency, we do lots of reporting for our clients and know that marketing + data is a crucial combination. How do organizations determine if a marketing strategy is working or whether they should even pursue a certain strategy without looking at metrics? It can be challenging, that’s for sure, but digging into analytics tools and social insights helps answer specific...

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Budget Planning for 2019

Ah, budgets. The topic everybody loves to talk about. No? Just me? Well, 2018 is quickly coming to a close and today we’re going to dive into planning your marketing budget for next year. “How much should be spent on marketing?” “What’s the average marketing budget?” Fair questions but the answer is going to vary, based on a lot of factors, e.g. the size of your...

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Key Marketing Metrics to Measure in 2018

Marketers have a whole lot of data available to them and it can be overwhelming knowing what to look at when trying to determine the success of your marketing activities. You’ve got to learn which metrics to focus on, because they don’t all matter. If you can relate to spending days on end pulling reports from your analytics platforms, sifting through seemingly endless amounts of data,...

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The Challenges of Proving Social ROI

Experts constantly tell us how great social media is so I won’t bore you by further reinforcing how maintaining a social media presence will drive traffic, boost your SEO, and maximize your return on investment (ROI). Unfortunately, the process of translating all the benefits of social media marketing into actual numbers isn’t as straightforward as measuring the effectiveness of something...

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Content Marketing Defined

Before I get around to answering common content marketing questions, allow me to cover the basics. Whether you’re new to the marketing game, need a fresh perspective with which to look at your marketing work, or just want to be able to explain your job to your mom, this post will help. Content Marketing: Defined Here’s one official definition, via Content Marketing Institute: Content...

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Social Media Marketer, Create a Content Calendar

I constantly run across articles and infographics that promise to illustrate the absolute best times for posting on various social networks. I’ve even heeded certain bits of advice, hoping that if I can master timing engagement, reach, etc. will go up. But what I’ve found is that there is no one right answer to the question of timing. You have to experiment and try multiple variations...

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