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5 Common SEO Questions Answered

5 Common SEO Questions Answered Do you know when you meet someone for the first time and are well into the conversation before you realize you can’t remember their name? You meet at gatherings again and again, and now it feels way too late to ask them. You’re in too deep, and just accept that you’ll continue to have conversations with this person every once and a while, and hope that you never...

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Should Your Brand Have a Wikipedia Page?

Should Your Brand Have a Wikipedia Page? Flashback to high school when Wikipedia was a major tool to our academic success. Can it still be now?   Wikipedia is the crowd-sourced online encyclopedia that covers everything from the history of the high five to toilet paper orientation. But, you can also learn about Nike, Ben & Jerry’s, or Intel.    You don’t need to be a fortune-500 company to...

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Common Website Mistakes that May Be Hurting Your Google Presence

Common Website Mistakes that May Be Hurting Your Google Presence Everyone makes mistakes. But the good thing is with a website, you can usually fix it. By keeping an eye on signs of bad website practices, you can nip mistakes in the bud so your website presence can flourish.  How do you know your website may have a mistake hurting your Google presence?  You may see:  Significant and sudden changes...

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Should You Bother with SEO in 2020?

Should You Bother with SEO in 2020? It used to be that if you stuffed your website full of keywords and bought enough backlinks, your content will show at the top of Google. Now, we look back on that time and laugh as if it was a wacky hairstyle that we thought was cool in high school.   The next SEO trend that grew into popularity was the belief that as long as you had a keyword strategy and metadata,...

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Answers on Google Question Hub

Answers on Google Question Hub There are over 2 billion websites on the internet that cover every topic under the sun thousands of times over. And after all that, we can still come up with questions that are unanswered on the internet with a quick google search.   Google is constantly trying to find ways to improve the content on Search Engine Results Pages for searchers and promote higher quality...

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How to Build Links in 2020

How to Build Links in 2020 Yes, link building is time consuming. Yes, link building is full of rejection. But, just as with anything worth pursuing, the longer you stay at it the more like you are to find those “golden nugget” link-building opportunities that can boost your search engine presence and help you gain valuable traffic for years to come.   If you thought actively pursuing links was...

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Should you care about the Bing yes/no update?

Should you care about the Bing yes/no update? Short answer: yes. Google is king, but Bing is no joke. 126 million unique US users performed 6 billion searches on the Bing Network in March 2019. Today, Bing controls 36% of the US desktop search market. In general, we base our SEO success on our Google results. That means Bing has less competition, and it may be easier to enact real improvements...

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How to Improve your Google Presence Immediately

How to Improve your Google Presence Immediately Google in all its ever-changing, secretive, confusing glory. Even the experts that dedicate their careers to understanding Google are always playing catch-up. You can start working towards SEO goals, through writing new content, on-page optimization and working on website health updates. But even after all that work, you may not see major results...

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How To Create a Keyword Strategy For Your Content Calendar

How To Create a Keyword Strategy For Your Content Calendar Good content ages like a fine wine. So – you’ve created the content that will engage your audience. You’ve shared it on your social media and tagged any relevant companies. And after two days… it fell off the face of the world. How do you keep that piece of content alive for longer than a few hours on social media?  Through stimulating...

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Simple Nonprofit SEO Strategy

Simple Nonprofit SEO Strategy A consistent nonprofit SEO strategy is a great way to get visibility to your organization without spending the limited marketing budget you have.  Implementing some basic SEO tactics doesn’t have to take all day – there are some quick-fixes to your online efforts that can have lasting effects. Just add a few good habits to your current marketing strategy to consistently...

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Structured Data Strategy Updates for 2020

Structured data strategy is a really easy phrase to throw around, but do we understand what it is and what it does?  In the ever-changing realm of SEO, even the most experienced SEO expert feels a few steps behind the constant Google algorithm updates. Trendy SEO hacks will come and go, but there are core practices that will always hold useful: Have a fast, healthy websiteCreate consistent...

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Voice Search: Thinking Beyond Google

What would you say if I said, voice search in 2019 isn’t a single-search-engine game? There are four dominant voice assistants on the market and only one – Google Assistant – uses Google’s search engine and Google applications. Siri, Alexa, and Cortana, owned by Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft, respectively, are in hundreds of millions of voice-enabled devices and don’t...

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