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Tag: social media management

Social Media Management Tools: Which is best for you?

Social Media Management Tools: Which is best for you? The suggested posting frequency for Facebook is 3-5 times a week. Instagram is 3-7 times a week. For Twitter, it’s multiple times a day. With numbers like that, it’s almost impossible to manage a social schedule manually. If you are managing your company’s social content calendar, there’s a great chance you are already using a social management...

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Management Tips: Guide Your Marketing Team to Growth

Regardless of whether you choose to have a marketing agency assist, a strong and empowered in-house marketing team can move mountains for your company. They are the mastermind of your brand, the communications liaison for outsourced jobs, and the main point of communication to your customer. Your marketing teams have hands in all of your communication buckets. Whether they are teams of...

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