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Tag: Social Media Predictions

Facebook’s New Data-Deleting Tool and What It Means For Marketers

Facebook’s New Data-Deleting Tool and What It Means For Marketers From a company you accidentally clicked on months ago to sites you visit every day, these companies have your data to use and leverage. And when I say ‘these companies’, I also mean… us. If you are a marketer or even had a hand in marketing strategy, chances are you have benefitted from Facebook collecting customer data.   Late January...

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Facebook’s Camera App Release Confirms Instagram’s Importance

The homepage of Facebook's new camera app. Well, that didn’t take long. Rumors and theories flew after Facebook surprised us all with its $1 billion ninja-like acquisition of Instagram and now, just under two months later, the reason behind the acquisition seems clear. Facebook recently released a brand-new mobile camera app for Apple iOS that’s uncanny in its likeness to Instagram....

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Is Social Media Predicting the Oscars? Or are the Oscars Driving Social Media?

It’s all over the blogosphere right now — social media is predicting the Oscars(!). Everyone wants to get in on the game, and predicting awards contest winners is as old as the contests themselves. We have the originals like GoldDerby, which polls a number of insiders from Hollywood to media experts, to infographics and analysis from so many social media and analytics companies I think...

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