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Tag: social media timing

5 Tips to Practicing Social Media Sensitivity

Trust me: I’ve done it before. One day last year I logged into my personal Twitter account and, without bothering to check my feed content first because I was busy, tweeted a joke I’d just thought up. Normal, right? Yep. On most days, it would be fine. But on that day, the Boston Marathon bombings had just occurred. Ouch. “Oops” card by Emily McDowell When I finally heard...

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“What’s The Best Time to Post on (Insert Social Media Platform Here)?”

This is one of the most common questions we get from clients who want more out of their social media marketing efforts and it’s a fundamental piece of any good marketing strategy. We all wish there was a magical formula for finding the right hour and day to post that would guarantee our content receives the most likes, shares, and engagement from our audience every time. Unfortunately, it’s not...

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Newsjacking the Weather: A Social Media Win for Wendy’s

Dowitcher Designs HQ may be located in sunny Santa Barbara, CA, but we’re not disconnected from the rest of the country. And for the past few days we’ve been hearing all about this nasty arctic air mass that’s dipped down from, well, the arctic, and right into the middle of the continental US. It’s news-worthy, for sure. Today, alone, at least 45 daily record lows were shattered....

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Target the Best Time to Tweet and Share

The goal of social media communication is to get as many eyes on your message as possible, right? Right. We’re aiming for interaction — we want people to reply to, reshare, or retweet our posts. Otherwise we’d all be talking into a void, and the internet wouldn’t be nearly as fun and engaging. Plus the production of cat memes would drastically taper off, and then what would...

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When to Publish a Blog Post

Content is key to blogging, as is timing. So say you have that blog post ready to go — when should you publish it? The answer for you depends on your specific market, and what you’re looking for (more views? more engagement?). But there are some key facts from research done by Dan Zarrella (@danzarrella), (@sengineland) and HubSpot. And now KissMetrics has assembled...

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