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6 Most Unusual Social Media Accounts

It’s all but a given that businesses, celebrities, politicians, institutions, and agencies now have social networking accounts. We’ve heard so often about how imperative it is to “get social” and “connect with your audience” that eyebrows are raised when someone or something doesn’t at least have a Facebook page. Still, there are some instances where a given...

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Who Owns the Photos You Share Online? Part Two

Where we left off, Facebook-owned Instagram suffered a backlash last December when they introduced a new Terms of Service agreement whose wording led many users to believe that Instagram would now “own” their photos and as such could sell them to advertisers. That wasn’t true, but in response to the fury Instagram changed the wording again — and this time, it gave advertisers...

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Who Owns the Photos You Share Online? Part One

Instagram and your photos. Source: Since Facebook announced its intentions to acquire Instagram a little over a year ago, everyone’s been on pins and needles to see what — if anything — would change. We got our first big hint last December when Instagram released its new Terms of Service, scheduled to go into effect the following month on January 19. What happened...

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