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How Stories Help Customers Connect with Brands

How Stories Help Customers Connect with Brands Once, when I was a teen, I got a terrible bloody nose about 5 miles up a canyon with no service. Since I was on a run, I was stuck with no one to call and no easy way down. The blood was all over my face and shirt (after just a few seconds, I looked like I was an extra in a horror movie), and after assessing the irreparable damage to my shirt, I just...

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Compelling storytelling for nonprofit giving

A powerful nonprofit story can change minds, influence change, and impact entire communities.   Storytelling is how we learn about someone’s struggles and how we can emotionally connect with individuals whether they are 5 feet away or thousands of miles away.  You don’t need to already be a prominent figure to spread your story to millions of people. Some of the...

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Storytelling Chapter 2: Profiling Employees

One of the many storytelling techniques I mentioned in Chapter One of this series surrounded profiling employees. In part to increase your brand’s authenticity and in part to add a sense of personality, introducing your team can be a great way for interested parties to get to know you and to understand who you are and what you stand for. Using Dowitcher as an example (yes, I’m biased),...

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Storytelling Techniques

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far far away, there lived a princess in need of a stellar marketing team to reimagine her brand. A team who knew how important storytelling is and could rewrite hers, for the princess was tired of being a princess and dreamt of slaying dragons and running her own company. Clearly I need to take a fiction-writing class! Still, I’d like to talk today about how...

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