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Craft a Winning B2B Social Strategy

Typically when you think of companies who have found success on social, the ones that first come to mind are business to consumer brands (B2C). But business to business (B2B) companies can find just as much success on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, if they’re willing to seize the opportunity. Many B2B companies are still relying on traditional marketing tactics like cold calling and hosting...

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Rebranding in 2018

It might be the right time for a change in brand identity. New year, new you, right? There are a whole host of reasons why brands might want a fresh new look and feel. What’s most important for a successful rebranding is that you approach it correctly. The first step is to get clear on what a brand actually is. Spoiler, it’s not just your logo! A brand is the sum of all messages, interactions,...

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Desperately Searching For Blog Topics? Here’s Where To Find Them

One of the most daunting things a writer faces is a blank page. Have you ever poured your coffee, sat down at your computer with a new document open and just….sat there watching the cursor blink? Yeah, in case you’re one of the lucky one’s who always knows what to write about, let me tell you that it is no fun. When you are constantly creating content and posting new pieces regularly,...

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Implementing Your 2020 Marketing Campaign

There are many benefits of creating a marketing plan but just as important is turning that plan into marketing campaigns that work to drive revenue or achieve certain business marketing goals. To implement your marketing campaigns, you need a system and a strategy in place. Whether you are launching an email marketing campaign, a lead generation campaign, an awareness campaign, or a content marketing...

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Essential Steps of a 2017 Marketing Plan

The beginning of any year is a great time to set up the foundational elements of your marketing strategy and revisit certain pieces, editing your marketing plan as necessary. First, let’s establish the difference between a marketing plan and a marketing campaign. A marketing plan is high-level; it provides the overall strategy based on the business’s objectives. A marketing campaign...

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Blogging Strategies: Becoming a Successful Content Creator

Blogging: not just for the fashionista millennials A blog is an asset of any strong content marketing tactic. Most established businesses know the importance of blogging. They understand the purpose of incorporating blogging into their content strategy is to educate, engage, and attract more readers and customers. Done right, a blog can help grow both your business and your professional life. Content...

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Successful Content Marketing Strategy Checklist

We’ve written about content marketing quite a bit before on the DD blog, from emoji domination to how to drive sales to video content marketing. Done right, content marketing drives conversions and can generate leads up to three times more than traditional marketing. But what are the essential steps to a successful content marketing strategy? What makes content great and how do you integrate...

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7 Ways to Know You Need a Marketing Strategy

Ever have that nagging feeling you’ve forgotten something? Your wallet’s there. So are your keys. You remembered to pay the electric bill… and your employees. You even remembered to water the poor, beleaguered office plant. So what could it be? Could it be you’ve forgotten to develop a marketing strategy? Merriam-Webster defines strategy as: strategy noun strat·e·gy \-jē\ 1)...

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Social Media Marketer, Create a Content Calendar

I constantly run across articles and infographics that promise to illustrate the absolute best times for posting on various social networks. I’ve even heeded certain bits of advice, hoping that if I can master timing engagement, reach, etc. will go up. But what I’ve found is that there is no one right answer to the question of timing. You have to experiment and try multiple variations...

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