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How your brand can establish a presence on TikTok

How your brand can establish a presence on TikTok In 2018, TikTok launched and quickly attracted millions of creative, young individuals and has shown no signs of slowing down since then. TikTok makes it easy for anyone to go viral – whether it be a cute puppy or a mom showcasing her best dance moves, there’s content on the app for everyone. If you are interested in changing your social media strategy,...

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TikTok For Business Is Your Chance to Go Viral

TikTok – where a video on how to code and a video of a duck dressed as a baby can comfortably coexist right next to each other. If that seems unrealistic, jump on the platform. You will see choreographed dances, musical renditions, and endless examples of trend videos people love to recreate. The one common theme between them all is a dedication to content that speaks to their audience, whether...

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