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Turn Your Email Signature into a Free Marketing Tool

Most of us are wise enough to know that ‘Sent from my iPhone’ is not a valid email signature. But then again, most of us simply list our contact information in our signatures and never give it a second thought. Well, I’m here to give you a second thought. Because the space at the bottom of your emails can be more than just a place to put your phone number and your website —...

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Brand Pages Tumble Further Down Facebook’s News Feed — But There’s Hope

Facebook’s News Feed is shaking thing up again. The all-powerful algorithm is always tweaking, adjusting, and evolving how it ranks the things you see, in ways both big and small. And recently Facebook’s engineers announced yet another major change: this time, to put even higher priority on the friends and family in your feed. Facebook made a similar adjustment just last spring in order...

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How Content Hackers Win Marketing

Everything is hackable these days. You can hack your office, hack your home, and hack your life. There are car hacks, hat hacks, dad hacks, and relationship hacks. So when I saw this infographic from CoSchedule on “content hacking,” I admit I rolled my eyes a bit. But the more I read, the more intrigued I became. The term growth hacking, coined by Sean Ellis, describes a marketing technique...

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6 Tips to a Better Podcast Today

You never know what the future holds for new media. Will it flounder and gradually die out, as in the case of Google+, or will it flourish and evolve? If you’d have asked me ten years ago to predict the future of podcasting, I’d have guessed it was a niche medium that would go the way of the dinosaurs. Instead, it’s steadily continued to adapt and thrive. In fact, between the last...

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5 Mobile Website Design Must-Haves

The mobile revolution is here — well, it has been here for quite a while. The mobile revolution has arrived, unpacked its bags, rummaged around in your fridge, put its feet up on your new recliner, and fallen asleep with its hand in your bag of chips. Mobile’s more than made itself at home in our world, but have you made your website at home with mobile yet? There’s a good chance...

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Smaller Website Images = Bigger Returns. These Compression Tools Can Help.

True story: Last week I was on a small retailer’s website, my cart loaded up with goodies. Ready to buy, I walked through the checkout process, finally hit “purchase” and… nothing. It just hung there, loading. After a minute I got impatient and tried refreshing the page, which sent me all the way back to square one. So I retraced my steps through checkout only to have the...

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Should Your Environmental Non-Profit Brand Go Green?

Got rebranding on your mind? If so, you’re probably casting a critical eye on every graphic element your organization uses — right down to the colors. If the work you do is focused on helping the environment, then green just might already be one of your colors. In fact, it’s probably already one of your competitors’ colors, too. (Note: it may sound odd to say that nonprofits...

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Tips to Drive Sales with Your Content Marketing

We love content marketing. We think content marketing is tops, because it helps drive conversions. But in the push to create great content, marketers all too often forget to optimize it for lead generation, calls to action, and other sales-oriented goals — you know, the things that actually drive the conversions. I get it. There’s no quicker turnoff than pushy marketing tactics. But...

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How to Measure Your Social Media ROI

Social media is good, they say. These days every business needs to maintain a social media presence, they say. Social media will drive your traffic, boost your SEO, maximize your ROI, and make your teeth whiter, they say. Okay, they don’t say that last part. In all seriousness, we all hear a lot of talk about the key benefits of social media marketing, but the process of putting actual numbers...

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Video Content Marketing Can No Longer Be Ignored

Video has steadily been on the rise for the last few years. But in the next few years you can expect a virtual explosion. Why now? Well, it’s good timing, technology-wise. We have readily-available tools (smartphones and tablets) and infrastructure (data and wifi networks) to stream video with fewer interruptions than ever before. But we also have the world’s attention. More mesmerizing...

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Boost Your Organic Reach on Facebook

I’m a stickler for good grammar and spelling. Perhaps to a fault — but there’s no wrong in doing things correctly. And that goes double if you’re representing your business. That’s why I was initially reluctant to share this infographic on Facebook engagement from Quick Sprout with you. Because the advice is solid, but one of the very first lines uses “you’re”...

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Good Users Go To Hashtag Heaven

Hashtags are everywhere. And with good reason — when used correctly, the right hashtags can increase engagement, reach new audiences, and help marketers track campaign performance. But as we all know, what flies on one social platform doesn’t always translate on another. And what worked aces yesterday doesn’t always hold up tomorrow. What’s a social marketer to do? Ask for...

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