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Lessons in Brand Sentiment and Adaptation: Sherwin-Williams

Lessons in Brand Sentiment and Adaptation: Sherwin-Williams Last year my spouse and I bought a real fixer-upper of a house, and one aspect of the fixing-up process involves coating every square inch in a fresh layer of paint. So every other weekend we make a trip to Sherwin-Williams for supplies, and every other weekend as we pull past the sign and into the lot I think: what the heck is going...

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Should You Invest in Twitter Blue?

Should You Invest in Twitter Blue? Let’s face it – nobody likes switching from a free subscription to a paid subscription. It feels like an annoying long-con bait-and-switch. But it can also feel a little exciting. What is so great about this social platform upgrade, that it needs to be gated with money before you can experience it?   Twitter hopes your curiosity gets the best of you.   It offers...

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Tweeting in this crazy new 280-character world we now live in

In case you missed the news, Twitter recently expanded its character limit to 280, double the 140 we’ve been accustomed to. Back in September, Twitter announced it had started testing 280-character tweets, for the end goal of helping users be more expressive and engaged. In November, after the initial trial, the company rolled out expanded tweets for all users. Twitter’s greatest strength...

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Mastodon: The Anti-Twitter

What’s a mastodon you ask? A prehistoric elephantine mammal. It’s also an American heavy metal band. But the mastodon I’m referring to is the newest social platform that might just upstart Twitter. Perhaps you haven’t heard, but Twitter isn’t doing so hot right now. Despite recent improvements made to the platform, Twitter is struggling to retain and attract users....

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Bye-bye, Buy Button? Dynamic Ads are Winning Social Revenue

Wasn’t it just a year ago that we kept hearing folks in-the-know confidently dismiss Facebook as “dead?” Well, for a social media network that had supposedly flatlined, it sure is showing strong vital signs. During their earnings call at the end of July, Facebook reported a revenue of $6.436 billion for the second quarter, up 59% from $4.024 billion in Q2 of 2015. Additionally,...

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Before You Open Another Social Account, Read This Checklist

We talk about social here a lot. It’s hard not to, because it makes up such a huge part of our marketing world. But that world changes so fast! It always seems like just as soon as you’ve gotten into a groove with your social strategy, a brand new social app shows up. Suddenly, everyone’s talking and blogging about how cool and exciting it is, and you’re wondering if your...

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Twitter’s New Heart Misses the Mark

Twitter just rolled out some tiny changes that have made a big impact. On Tuesday Twitter officially swapped out its old star icon for a heart. The jargon changed, too — instead of “favoriting” a tweet from another user, you can now “like” it. Twitter’s reasoning behind the shift was practical: “We want to make Twitter easier and more rewarding to use, and...

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Twitter’s “Buy” Button Boosts Small Businesses

Twitter’s “Buy” Button Boosts Small Businesses We talk a lot about how your brand’s activity on social media helps drive conversions, but that’s a difficult thing to precisely track. You have a social conversation over here, and a purchase over there. Social data analysis can help you link the two but the distance between them sometimes still feels like the Grand Canyon. Twitter’s “Buy” button...

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Good Users Go To Hashtag Heaven

Hashtags are everywhere. And with good reason — when used correctly, the right hashtags can increase engagement, reach new audiences, and help marketers track campaign performance. But as we all know, what flies on one social platform doesn’t always translate on another. And what worked aces yesterday doesn’t always hold up tomorrow. What’s a social marketer to do? Ask for...

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Target the Best Social Content Length

They say more is better but I can think of several examples where that’s just not true. More dental work, for one. More time spent in line at the DMV, for another. But one example that doesn’t come to mind so easily is, well, the length of your social content. I’m not a fan of blog posts that are simply a scant handful of words and a link back to the original article, but the solution...

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How to Reap the Rewards of Google & Twitter’s Romance

Have you heard? After a four-year hiatus, the King of Search and the Queen of Social are getting back together. Google and Twitter recently announced an agreement to integrate tweets into Google searches. Google can technically find and index tweets now, but at 6,000 tweets per minute this “firehose” of data is impossible to crawl and capture without direct access. With the deal in place,...

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Tracking the Success of Twitter and Amazon’s “Tweet to Buy” Partnership

Recently Twitter teamed up with Amazon to offer a new social shopping experience for Twitter users called Tweet to Buy. How it works is simple but brilliant. First you link your Twitter and Amazon accounts at amazon.Com/AmazonCart. Then, whenever you spot a tweet with an Amazon product link in your Twitter feed, all you need to do is reply to that tweet with the hashtag #AmazonCart (or #AmazonBasket...

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