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Tag: Typeface

Lobster: The New Comic Sans?

Lobster: The New Comic Sans? Lobster. We have all seen it. We have noticed it because Lobster is a beautiful font, with its neat details, strong personality, and a large number of ligatures, carefully designed by Pablo Impallari. The font was created in 2010 and introduced to the Google font library. It started popping up on websites, on packaging, in logos and ads. No one could resist it— just...

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10 Fonts to leave in the 2010’s

10 Fonts to leave in the 2010’s Entering a new decade is as good a time as ever to do a design ‘house-cleaning’ and discard the design choices that should be left in the 2010s. Many of these fonts are still beautiful fonts, and that in itself is the issue. When a font becomes popular, everyone wants to use it which can bring the beautiful type face to a sad, early demise.   There are quite a few...

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8 Great Typeface Resources

typography noun the style and appearance of printed matter. the art or procedure of arranging type or processing data and printing from it. That’s a bit dry. Typography is so much more than just arranging letters on a page. Whether for print or web, typography is an essential part of any design. It’s also a difficult element of design to master. I know, it’s...

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Pick A Font [Infographic]

We have entered an era where great fonts are available for us to use instantly through tools like Google font and Adobes Webkit. Most of the fonts available for us work across browsers and across media – and they are just a click away. This gives us great opportunity to pick the perfect font for everything we create, be it blogs, websites, magazines, emails or books. The question, though,...

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