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5 Websites That Own User Flow

5 Websites That Own User Flow User Flow: how we get our customers from the home page to the confirmation page. In short, user flow is a series of steps a user takes to achieve a meaningful goal. When user flow falls flat, websites have high bounce rates, low conversions and lost leads. When a company puts time and conscious planning into user flow, the results speak for themselves. Here are 5 companies...

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Microsites and Landing Pages: Which is right for you?

Microsites and landing pages are used to promote specific campaigns related to a particular product or service. Before we jump into why you might want one over the other, here’s a quick rundown on what a landing page and microsite are. Landing page vs. microsite Some folks consider landing pages and microsites as interchangeable, but that’s likely because they aren’t fully aware...

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Building a Better Contact Form

Contact forms are basically everywhere on the internet; they can be for anything: user log ins, email newsletter sign-ups, requests for quotes, customer support inquiries, payment forms – you name it. They give website visitors and prospective buyers an easy way to reach someone at your company. And they’re great for you, too. If you put your email address out there you runs the risk...

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10 UI Design Must-Haves

10 UI Design Must-Haves User interface (UI) designers and website developers know how crucial good design is. No user is going to engage with a website or app that isn’t accessible and aesthetically-pleasing. Don’t get hung up on just the aesthetics, though. There’s a lot to consider when designing or redesigning a website. If you want your website to accomplish your goals, think beyond how your...

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The Lowdown on Customization and Personalization

Customization and personalization have the same main end goal: to create an experience tailored to a user’s interests. However, they have different ways of reaching that goal. Customization Definition Firstly, customization gives control to the user. A system enables users to customize and edit the experience to meet their specific needs and changing preferences.That could include layout...

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Awesome Web Design Trends You Need to be Aware of in 2017

Web design trends come and go. From the emergence of flat design to the rampant use of GIFs, we’ve seen it all. The lovely infographic below by designhill spells out eight web design trends we can expect to see more of this year. Keep reading for my thoughts on why these design trends are so important. (I also threw a couple of my own ideas into the mix.) ~ ~ ~ MOBILE-FIRST APPROACH Do I even...

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