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Tag: Web Development

Microsites and Landing Pages: Which is right for you?

Microsites and landing pages are used to promote specific campaigns related to a particular product or service. Before we jump into why you might want one over the other, here’s a quick rundown on what a landing page and microsite are. Landing page vs. microsite Some folks consider landing pages and microsites as interchangeable, but that’s likely because they aren’t fully aware...

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10 UI Design Must-Haves

10 UI Design Must-Haves User interface (UI) designers and website developers know how crucial good design is. No user is going to engage with a website or app that isn’t accessible and aesthetically-pleasing. Don’t get hung up on just the aesthetics, though. There’s a lot to consider when designing or redesigning a website. If you want your website to accomplish your goals, think beyond how your...

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How Page Load Time Impacts Your Bottom Line

We’ve all experienced it: you typed in a URL or clicked a link, and you’re waiting… waiting… still waiting for a page to load. Seconds feel like minutes. And odds are, within a couple seconds, you’re trying to decide – do you want the content enough to wait for it? Or do you hit the back button and go elsewhere? Page load time isn’t a new concern in the...

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