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Social Sharing Equals Success in Email Marketing

Social media is over-hyped. I get that. It feels like you can’t open a marketing email anymore without seeing buttons urging you to share the email content across social media channels. Sharing buttons seem so ubiquitous, one starts to wonder if they’re even effective. Have they simply become visual noise that people have learned to ignore on their screen, like display or text ads? GetResponse...

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Six Steps to Successful Inbound Marketing

Here at Dowitcher Designs we we deal a lot with matters of inbound marketing — that is, when leads or potential customers come to you. And let me tell you, success starts with careful, precise planning. After all, in order to achieve your goals you must establish them first. But being that inbound marketing is a results-focused process, it seems like many businesses just want to skip right...

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Email’s Going Mobile: Can Your Marketing Keep Up?

We take a lot of pride in doing things the right way. Yet unfortunately, with marketing emails, there are many ways things can go so very, very wrong. From myriad differences between browsers, to differences between mail clients, to differences between computer operating systems, building a proper email template sometimes seems akin to working on a bomb — you get the sense it could blow up...

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You’ve Changed. Has Your Website?

Have you really looked at your website lately? You can refresh your wardrobe. You can refresh your browser window. You can refresh yourself on a hot day with a cold drink. Is your website in need of a refresh? Websites are funny things. We hustle and sweat to put them together, we worry over every word of copy, we put a spit polish on every detail, and then we push them out into the world where...

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In an Advertising Battle Between Facebook and Google, Who Wins?

We’ve guided many clients on their first forays into online advertising, and we’ve noticed that a lot of times folks want to jump into a network just because they’ve heard it’s popular. Well. Popularity and success don’t necessarily mean the same thing — particularly when it comes to marketing. Wordstream recently put out an excellent infographic that compares...

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The Power of Online Reviews for Small Businesses

A Yellow Pages telephone phone book was delivered to my front porch recently, and as I brought it into the house I stared at it in bewilderment. A phone book? I asked myself. Who even uses these anymore? Every business I need to look up is on the internet. According to the latest research, I’m not alone. A Small Business Search Marketing Survey recently conducted by American Express OPEN revealed...

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Facebook Timeline Marketing Tips and Ideas

Well, today is the day! Whether or not you like it, Facebook is dragging your business page into 2012 with the new timeline. We’ve been warned… we’ve seen that pesky ‘Timeline is coming – preview your page’ message. Many have ignored it, a few played with previews but didn’t publish, and now, THIS IS IT! Odds are if you’ve been following web marketing...

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