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7 Key Website Metrics to Track in 2022

7 Key Website Metrics to Track in 2022 Your organization relies on your website. You take into consideration functionality, appearance, coding integrity, all to create a user-friendly website. With all of the metrics available to track, what key stats should you pay attention to in 2022? We’re here to tell you 7 key metrics you should be tracking in the upcoming year.   Traffic Sources Where are...

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Common Website Mistakes that May Be Hurting Your Google Presence

Common Website Mistakes that May Be Hurting Your Google Presence Everyone makes mistakes. But the good thing is with a website, you can usually fix it. By keeping an eye on signs of bad website practices, you can nip mistakes in the bud so your website presence can flourish.  How do you know your website may have a mistake hurting your Google presence?  You may see:  Significant and sudden changes...

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Quickly Lose Extra Website Weight

Website obesity. It’s a real problem, folks, and it’s getting worse. When it comes to web page weight it goes to reason that size matters. The smaller the file size of a page, the faster it will load, right? Right! Page bloat (aka page weight or page size) refers to the total size of a specific web page. This includes HTML documents, style sheets, imagers, scripts, and more. Seven years...

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Tips for Making Your Site More Social

Optimizing your website for social is not simply a matter of adding social sharing buttons to pages. There’s more to a social media friendly site than installing a few plug-ins for Facebook sharing or Twitter following. Social integration is a must when it comes to your business’s website; it boosts audience engagement and can improve search rank. You want to make it easy for users...

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