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7 Key Website Metrics to Track in 2022

7 Key Website Metrics to Track in 2022 Your organization relies on your website. You take into consideration functionality, appearance, coding integrity, all to create a user-friendly website. With all of the metrics available to track, what key stats should you pay attention to in 2022? We’re here to tell you 7 key metrics you should be tracking in the upcoming year.   Traffic Sources Where are...

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The Nonprofit’s Guide to Picking the Right WordPress Theme

I built a custom website from scratch, once. I don’t recommend it. For one, it was extremely time-consuming. For two, it wasn’t user-friendly — there was a lot of code to potentially mess up. For three, well, I already mentioned the time-consuming part, right? If you’re running a nonprofit, you don’t have time to also be your nonprofit’s dedicated web designer...

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3 Places to Connect with Mobile Customers [Infographic]

We know that the mobile revolution has been here for quite awhile. Almost 95% of smartphone owners use their cell phones to conduct business. And 87% of consumers turn to their smartphone to search for local business information.  This makes it imperative that your business does everything it can to reach them via mobile, right? So how do you provide a great mobile experience and connect with potential...

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Meet Our New Website!

Meet Our New Website! The Dowitcher team has some very exciting news! And if you’re reading this blog you’ve probably noticed already. 🙂 WE HAVE A BRAND-SPANKING NEW WEBSITE. Completely redesigned and revamped, it’s better than ever. Woohoo! We’ve been growing! Check out our (still expanding) team. Want to check out all the awesome projects we’ve done? Peruse our portfolio. Got questions? Drop...

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You’ve Changed. Has Your Website?

Have you really looked at your website lately? You can refresh your wardrobe. You can refresh your browser window. You can refresh yourself on a hot day with a cold drink. Is your website in need of a refresh? Websites are funny things. We hustle and sweat to put them together, we worry over every word of copy, we put a spit polish on every detail, and then we push them out into the world where...

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