The Power of Online Reviews for Small Businesses

A Yellow Pages telephone phone book was delivered to my front porch recently, and as I brought it into the house I stared at it in bewilderment. A phone book? I asked myself. Who even uses these anymore? Every business I need to look up is on the internet.

According to the latest research, I’m not alone. A Small Business Search Marketing Survey recently conducted by American Express OPEN revealed that 66% of consumers turn to the internet to find local businesses. Moreover, just over 75% of those who rely on the internet reported that they read online reviews of businesses regularly or occasionally, and that positive reviews make them more likely to trust that business more.

Bottom line? In the age of big box chain stores, small local businesses need all the help they can get — and word of mouth and positive online reviews can go a long way toward helping promote your name. If you’re a small business owner, monitor your reviews regularly and take them seriously. Address any customer issues and negative reviews promptly to keep that level of trust strong.

Milo has created a great infographic that summarizes the findings of the Small Business Search Marketing Survey. Take a look!

Milo Rave Review Small Business Infographic


  • I have several sites, but I think it’s not that easy to get money from it, I always combine it with other ad networks to get more income. THe thing is not all ad networks can be combine with adsense, or google will ban you. Btw, thanks for your post.

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