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This Social Media Cheat Sheet Will Help You Stay Out of Design Trouble

Ah, the ever-changing world of social media. Not only do marketers have to keep up with new and evolving platforms, they have to constantly keep up with new and evolving platform features.

Who among us hasn’t logged into a social media account to find that the layout has completely changed? Now there’s, say, a new cover image, or a new place to add a video. Or maybe the profile photo is now a circle instead of a square. To make matters worse, the images you upload to one account can’t always be uploaded to another, because the sizing and proportions are all different. And we know it will never stop. Tomorrow we’ll wake up and find that the cover image in another account is now even bigger with a different aspect ratio, rendering your old image blurry and stretched.

Marketers know the inherent value of visuals and know how important it is to their brand — whether personal or business — that the visuals look crisp, fresh, and updated. But we could all use a little help to stay on top of current profile sizing. That’s why this Social Media Cheat Sheet infographic from Omnicore Agency is supremely handy. It’s an up-to-the minute guide to the optimal proportions for every graphic element displayed on the top social networks: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Use this guide with a bit of caution — the dimensions may be accurate today but they won’t stay accurate forever. Until then, though, take advantage of these tips. It’s difficult to keep all the details straight across social media networks, but it’s worth it!




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