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Tips on Outsourcing to an Agency

Looking to grow your team and keep your marketing efforts going strong? Outsourcing might be the key.

agency outsourcing tips

We’ve discussed three ways to expand your marketing team here on the Dowitcher blog before and now we’re going to dive a little deeper into how you know it’s time to hire an outside agency. As many small business owners and startup founders know, sometimes you’re simply too busy trying to grow your company to effectively manage task such as social media marketing.

Keeping your entire marketing team in-house can lead to many problems, not least of which is that your entire budget may end up going towards payroll. One solution that addresses the limitations of a small team is to outsource.

When to outsource

Business owners or those in higher management often keep marketing process internal to keep control over all activities and to try to keep costs low. But over time, internalizing digital marketing efforts might hurt you and your business. Outsourcing to a specialized marketing agency means you get a team of experts working with you in making campaigns successful.

  • If you aren’t seeing the results you want to see from your in-house team, consider outsourcing.
  • If your marketing staff is overworked – outsource.
  • If you can’t track your new business leads, find an agency who will report to you on a weekly, monthly, and/or quarterly basis.
  • If you constantly run out of time to launch the initiatives you had planned, hire an agency to help you feel less panicked and make things run smoothly.
  • If you find yourself simply checking off boxes, with no real rhyme or reason, consider outsourcing to an agency who can help develop a proper strategy to meat your business goals.

Why an agency?

  1. Experience: One of the great things about an agency is that they’ll have years of experience and be able to show you examples of their past work so you can get an idea of what they’re capable of. An outside perspective can be extremely helpful. Marketing teams bring a lot of experience to the table, from familiarity with your target market to expertise with marketing channels and available technologies.
  2. Lower Cost: Agencies can be cheaper than hiring numerous freelancers. Typically, an agency is also cheaper than hiring a full-time marketing executive and you get an entire team of experts.
  3. Control: You can still get complete access to your data. Quality agencies will have great insights and be transparent.
  4. Efficiency: You save on the time it takes to find someone or to try and learn all the best marketing practices yourself. And you’ll get expert strategy and implementation and creative designs.

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My intention is for the above to help you decide when it is more efficient to hire your own staff versus when it’s time to outsource the work to a marketing agency. If you have more questions on why an agency might be right for your business, drop us a line!

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