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Understanding Micro-Moments

People are attached to their smartphones, right? Which means people are inundated with more marketing messages than ever before…and there’s a huge risk that we will just tune everything out.

But what about those moments when people choose to engage with brands? When they turn to their mobile with intent, looking for something immediately? For marketers, these moments – when people are open to influence from brands because they’re looking for help in making a decision – are moments they must be ready for.

What is a Micro-moment?

Google first termed this new consumer behavior as a moment when a person turns to their device to act on a specific need: to know, go, do , or buy. In such moments, consumers want your brand’s marketing message delivered in a clear and concise way.

Source: UX Collective

Because consumers’ attention spans are shrinking, brands must peak their interest in a matter of seconds. And with the shift to mobile, consumers are expecting an experience that is immediate, relevant, and seamless.

In order to succeed, marketers need to meet consumers in their micro-moments. Understanding micro-moments and anticipating them means better mobile conversions and more brand engagement.

Micro-moments and the Customer Journey

The customer journey is continuing to evolve and the marketing funnel isn’t really a funnel any more. Customers don’t behave perfectly in our funnels and don’t necessarily interact as we plan for them to do with our content. We’re increasingly aware that the funnel is not a linear process – as leads interact with branded content and create their own across media.

Micro-moments are key to winning mobile strategy. Why? Because of the user’s intent and the action-oriented nature.

These micro-moments happen at any time and anywhere. They can be just as much part fo the physical buying journey as a fully digital buying journey. When your customer reaches for a device to answer a question, or to look up your business’ hours, or to get help to do something, or to make a purchase is your brand offering the best experience in that moment?

Succeeding in Micro-moments

Companies taking the steps to being ready for micro-moments see higher ROI in mobile and overall marketing! Google believes that in you want to increase conversions, you need to be there, be useful, and be quick.

  • Be there: Anticipate the micro-moments for your target users. Be ready to help them.
  • Be relevant: you need to be useful and relevant in the moment. you need to connect people to the content they’re looking for – minimize clicks and get straight to the answer.
  • Be fast: They’re micro, guys, so they’re over in an instant. Mobile users want to know, go, or buy quickly and the mobile experience you provide needs to be fast and easy.

~ ~ ~

Tiny decision-making moments are shaping consumers’ journey; are you ready?

Mobile has changed how consumers behave and the customer journey is now broken into hundreds of micro-moments. This means that it’s increasingly important for brands to be there when consumers reach for their devices.

Now that you understand the basics of micro-moments go and develop a strategy that will optimize these critical touchpoints.

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