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Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaigns to Inspire You

Whether you love or loathe February 14th, there’s no avoiding the advertisements for jewelry, chocolates, or flowers. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns from the past few years to make you smile, laugh, and/or cry.


Last year, Snickers launched an awesome billboard campaign around London. Each of the 15 billboards had 300 cards that could be peeled off and given to a loved one.


In 2015, WestJet found two guys shopping for engagement rings and offered them a trip to Barbados to propose. What did the Canadian airline do to add entertainment value? Went for the reality TV twist and decided when the men had to propose, with very little warning.


Last February, Droga5 London created brilliant cards that featured ugly and forgotten endangered animals. You know, for those of us who are sick of the pictures of cutesy animals that typically adorn Valentine’s Day cards. Bonus: all profits went to charities supporting the featured endangered animal.


In 2015, right before the February 12th release of Deadpool, Marvel photoshopped posters to present the movie as a rom-com. Deadpool‘s usual marketing campaigns are bold and very amusing, so when these parody posters were released, poking fun at romantic comedies, it was perfectly in line with the subversive and mocking tone of the rest of their marketing. Misleading and bizarre, sure. But also funny; Ryan Reynold’s character Wade Wilson is an antihero – not a romantic hero!


Digital marketing agency 360i created stories of awkward romance in a series of fun videos promoting Red Velvet Oreos.

See the whole playlist here.

Tiffany & Co

In 2012, Tiffany & Co’s Drop A Hint campaign introduced a button which allowed users to personalize an email message to someone and ‘drop a hint’ as to what they’d like to receive as a gift from the luxury jewelers. A marketing campaign that makes it easy for both men and women? Yes please!

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