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Video Content Marketing Can No Longer Be Ignored

Video has steadily been on the rise for the last few years. But in the next few years you can expect a virtual explosion.

Why now? Well, it’s good timing, technology-wise. We have readily-available tools (smartphones and tablets) and infrastructure (data and wifi networks) to stream video with fewer interruptions than ever before.

But we also have the world’s attention.

More mesmerizing than words or photos

People are captivated by video. Just ask any one of YouTube’s billion users watching hundreds of millions of hours of videos every single day. But it’s not just YouTube. Earlier this year, Facebook introduced the ability to embed Facebook videos on other websites, effectively cutting out the middleman of YouTube, Vimeo, and other hosting and sharing services. Facebook knows the video revolution is coming and wants to be ready.

And it’s not just social media platforms that are shifting gears, either. Businesses are becoming more heavily invested in video as a promotional, branding, and communication tool. A couple of short years ago, photo slideshows were the darlings of the landing page. Now, increasingly, it’s video.

Need convincing?

People simply find video more engaging. And businesses who use video have seen their engagement rise accordingly. Time and again, video has shown to increase purchase likelihood, multiply time and pages views on a website, boost brand reputation, and encourage ad click-throughs and social sharing.

Next year, the number of online video users is anticipated to reach 1.5 billion. Everything’s clearly coming up video — so the big question is, are you?

Let current video trends inspire you

If you haven’t previously considered video marketing, now’s the time. And this infographic by on current video marketing trends can help you narrow down where to start for your unique brand.

Whether you use video to help put a human face to your company, or to help customers learn more about your products, or as ads to drive traffic to your site, there’s a place for video in your marketing plan.

So, what’s your plan?



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