Want to write a compelling creative brief? Ask these questions.

A creative brief provides the vision and parameters for all work done on a project. It summarizes marketing touchpoints and ultimately makes it easier for both the client and the agency to track progress.

Creative briefs document the client and agency relationship throughout the project while guiding the process. Here are important questions you’ll want to address in your next creative brief:

Why now?

Why is the project necessary right now? What opportunity is spurring the project forward or what challenges are motivating the client to reach out to the agency?

What are the goals?

Identify SMART goals and focus on the overall objectives. Keep the creative brief focused and the scope of the project manageable.

What are the parameters?

You need to spell out what must be included, of course. What limitations or restrictions in form are there? What’s the agreed upon deliverable? Don’t forget to include the project timeline and budget!

Who is the audience?

Who is the project for? What does that audience see as the brand’s strengths or weaknesses and how can this project address those concerns?

What are the roles?

Lay out who is responsible for what task. Include all client and agency contacts. Spell out the approval process; ie. who needs to be consulted? Who needs to be kept in the loop of all progress or setbacks?

What is the key message?

Within your creative brief, you need to identify the project’s message, positioned around the brand voice and overall objectives. How will the message be communicated? Which communication channels will be used? Make sure everyone on the team (agency or client) is clear on how the message is being delivered.

How do we measure success?

As you wrap up the brief, don’t forget to include what criteria will be used to evaluate the work’s success. It’s important to have agreed upon metrics from the get-go so everyone knows whether goals have been reached.

How is this project going to set the client apart?

Lastly, you must know the market. Be aware of current market conditions and the strategies industry competitors are employing. In what ways will this project be unique and beneficial to the client?

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Strategic content planning is our jam. Why produce awesome content without having and knowing your target audience, without providing relevant and useful information? Great content is relevant, compelling, and aligned with your marketing objectives. Want to create great content? Start with a great content brief that is thorough and focused.

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