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Search + Social

Yep, Google’s pretty cool. So is web marketing in general.

Or maybe you hate Google (we don’t recommend that). Either way people are searching for you or your competitors online. Whether they know you or are ready to discover you, we want it to be easy!
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Bing + Yahoo
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Strategic Foundation

A complete marketing program begins with strategy, when we learn about you, what you’re doing now, and what you’re looking to do. What is your current reach online? Are you doing any web marketing? How do other marketing efforts impact your website? How effective are your web properties?

We work with you to identify your goals and audiences, and how we can best achieve success.

Step 1: Get Found. Step 2: Get Results.

What makes us different? Strategy + Implementation.

It’s not enough to be #1 on Google. If people don’t know what to do on your site, you might as well be #50.

We work with clients on getting attention and optimizing for conversions, whether that’s inquiries, sales, or resource downloads.

We specialize in web marketing, and the best web marketing campaigns have many facets.


Search Engine Optimization

The search world is constantly changing, and we’re just geeky enough to love that. We stay up to date on the latest trends so we can identify where to spend our time and energy for the best results.

To kick off any search campaign, we get the basics set. We identify top keywords and complete an initial round of site optimizations, including crafting title tags, search-engine-friendly URLs, and optimized HTML text. We include HMTL and XML site maps, and resubmit the site to Google. We also establish analytics and use free and paid tools to monitor site performance, crawl rates and rankings.

With the initial optimizations in place, we work on the really fun part: creating optimized and relevant content, building landing pages, and monitoring engagement.


Get #Social with Social Media Marketing

Ever pulled up a company’s social profile to find cobwebs? What does success look like? How do you know if you’re getting it? We like to dive into strategies, set goals, and implement the steps across whatever channels make sense for your audience, whether it’s Facebook and Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat or industry blogs.

We’re not going to tell you “you have to be there because everyone else is” — sometimes that’s the case, and often it’s not. It’s your brand and your messaging.

A social media marketing strategy outlines where our audience is, how they engage, and how we want to best engage them as part of our overall marketing strategy. Dowitcher works with clients on creating this strategy, and we can work with you on implementing it or train you how to do it. The possibilities really are endless.

SEM & Paid

Search Engine Marketing & Paid Online Advertising

Organic search takes time to establish and show results. Want to be at the top of Google today? An optimized paid campaign can drive targeted visitors quickly. That customer who went to the final page but didn’t take that action? Retargeting can bring visitors back to increase conversions.

Options include Google AdWords, social ads (Facebook, LinkedIn) and countless other paid advertising outlets.


Web Marketing

Once we have the campaigns in place, we can manage the moving pieces. Need to update social networks or create content? No problem. Looking for reporting? We can set a monthly consultation, help build momentum and see that your web marketing campaigns stay on track and deliver the results you need. Check out our inbound marketing packages.