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What are People Doing on Pinterest?

Building a brand presence on social networks isn’t about jumping on the trend bandwagon. There’s no point in using Instagram or Twitter, after all, if that’s not where your customers are.

But that’s why, as a marketer, staying on top of social trends is so vital — demographics and behaviors continuously shift and evolve, and you might start to find opportunities to reach people where you previously thought there were none.

To that end, that’s why this recent data infographic from Wishpong about Pinterest users and how they interact with businesses on Pinterest is helpful. Some quick hits:

  • Are your products/services oriented toward woman or children? If so, Pinterest might be a natural fit: 80% of Pinterest users are women, and 50% are parents.
  • For those who worry that posting prices might look too “businessy,” fear not: pins with prices get 36% more likes than those without prices.
  • Facebook still has the bulk of users, but the way they engage is different: i.e., they don’t view Facebook as a shopping medium like they do Pinterest. 69% of consumers have found an item they bought or wanted to buy on Pinterest versus 40% on Facebook.

Read on for more insights! And remember, how you interact with your customers has everything to do about knowing them.


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