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What’s In Your Blogging Diet?

Creating compelling content is a foundational element to inbound marketing but it can be difficult to know how to do that. Consistent blogging is an integral piece to any successful content marketing strategy.

A company blog serves many purposes. It can improve your website’s search engine optimization, drive traffic, convert traffic into leads, and establish authority. Plus, blogging gives you the chance to create relevant content for your customers (existing and prospective). Business blogging differs, of course, from 1990s blogging – where people would just share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences (an online diary, if you will). A business blog, on the other hand, is a great marketing tactic to get your business more visibility online and support business growth.

So, just how consistent does your blogging efforts need to be? What goes into a well-balanced blog that provides valuable content? Eating a healthy, balanced meal should be easy and creating a well-balanced blog should be too! Thanks to Column Five and LinkedIn for partnering up and providing this food-related infographic that explores how to create compelling blog content. It does assume that you’ve determined that your audiences want blog content on a daily basis. For many businesses, the frequency with which you produce blog content will vary depending on your goals. But the infographic below gives a good sense of the variety and consistency that is needed.

Hope it helps you with your “meal” planning! Here’s a quick rundown of the main blog food groups:

Hearty Grains
These will be your basic, everyday posts – the foundation of your blog. Such posts should be educational and easy to produce. Be sure to incorporate good keywords into the title and throughout the body of the post.

These are thoughtful posts that are a little more in depth and provide great insights. And they take more time to write. *cringe* But they’re worth it!

These blog posts require a lot of research. Pick such topics carefully and these will help you set apart from the competition.

Fun blog posts that lead to traffic and links are always a good idea! Visual content is one such sharable sweet treat.

Hot sauce adds a splash of spice to life! This type of blog is opinionated content that might see a lot fo comments – good and bad.

well-balanced blog

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