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What’s new in the world of social media?

new social media trends

The social landscape moves at an alarming pace. Let me get you up to speed with what’s happening in the world of social media. This is by no means an all-encompassing account of app updates and new features, but rather a highlight of a few things that you might want to take note of and incorporate into your social strategy.


Back in February of 2018, Snapchat launched a new, redesigned version of the app, which was not without its controversies. The redesign drastically changed the layout of the app and users were upset as they struggled to find the features they knew and loved. So Snap is redesigning the redesign and has brought back “reverse chronological order” into the app, allowing users to see recent stories first. This replaced the  new feature, “algorithmically sorted feeds” which was part of the redesigns’ interface.

Since then, Snap has introduced Snappables and Snap Kit. Snappables are new Lenses for playing augmented reality (AR) games. Users control Snappables with touch, motion, and facial expressions. Snap Kit helps developers build products.

The company has also recently rolled out options to “unsend” messages, added new e-commerce tools, and group video chat (with up to 16 of your closest friends). Keep updating the app and you’ll have access to all the new Snapchat features.


Facebook has a few new updates to the service, including new music options for video – like lip synch live! A “Memories” section was added to prompt more personal sharing and user engagement. Users love nostalgia and being able to say “Ah, remember these good times?” and immediately share a past post is a good move.

Yesterday, Facebook launched Brand Collabs Manager. It’s opening up Watch (the dedicated programming video hub) to include videos from all creators. These will then be feautred in a new Watch Discover feed. Additionally, the network is rolling out a Creators Launchpad to inspire more creation of video, with as opportunities, of course.

Facebook has also launched a gameshow platform. This new set of interactive video lets creators add quizzes, polls, and more. This could help instigate more active video consumption, instead of the mindless scrolling folks are getting used to.

Clearly, the most-used platforms are leaning heavily into video. (More video news below.) Lastly, 3D posts are coming! Hopefully your company is already using video but are you prepared for the next disruptor, 3D?


Instagram rolls out new features on a fairly regular basis (e.g. hashtag following, bio links, @mention sharing, and the emoji slider) so you’ll need to also roll out new tactics every once in a while.

There is a new feature that allows users to hide posts from specific accounts in their feed. As a social marketer, be conscious of how frequently you publish content and don’t overwhelm your audience with so much that they hide you!

Instagrammers can now share posts in Stories straight from account feeds. Users and brands are using this to promote content they love. You no longer have to screenshot your post grid to let your audience know about a new post. Instagram has made it easy to highlight a post straight away to Stories. Just look for the little paper airplane on each post. I’ve already used this one quite a bit as it’s a great way to bring attention to older posts.

Instagram has also collaborated with Spotify to bring you another way to connect with your audience! Create a brand playlist and add it to Instagram Highlights. People want to connect with a personality so share what music gets you groovin’ or creating.

There’s a brand new feature coming soon to Stories: shopping tags. In a move that is sure to please e-commerce brands, Stories is set to become shoppable!

One last thing to keep an eye out for: according to multiple posts, Instagram is preparing to launch a long-from video platforms. Currently there is a 60-second limit, but…My last draft of this blog post had old information. Like I said, social media is a fast-moving world! As of June 20 Instagram has launched a new app for long-form video – IGTV. Watch out YouTube, Instagram is coming for ya.

Read the below Instagram post for more details:

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