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Where Have Your Emails Been? The State of the Email Client Market Share

Sometimes things change so fast that it can be hard to see them happening. This is especially true for email marketing, where the changes seem to come at a 100-mph pace.

2013 was an especially big year for email. Hotmail was finally replaced by, and the introduction of Gmail’s tabs turned email marketing on its head — among other significant moves.

That’s why I’m finding this infographic from Litmus on the state of the email client market share to be particularly handy. The infographic details what happened in email marketing during 2013, leaving you better prepared to tackle the changes ahead of you in 2014.

Some interesting points:

  • We saw this coming: mobile email opens are now at over 50% — so if your email still isn’t responsive, it’s time to get on that.
  • Outlook has remained in the #2 spot with 14% of the email client share, behind the #1 Apple iPhone with 26%. Coming in at #10 is Windows Mail with just 2%.
  • Outlook is not to be confused with, however, which debuted in April at #4 but soon sunk to #7.
  • While mobile email opens increased 21% in 2013, desktop and webmail opens declined 12% and 20%, respectively.
  • As a result of the introduction of tabs, Gmail opens saw a 27% loss, but clicks and unsubscribes have remained unaffected, and overall engagement is up.

Scroll down to see the full infographic, and when you’re done let me know in the comments below what your 2014 email marketing predictions are. Which client will shine this year?

If you’re having trouble reading the smaller text, click here for a larger version.

Litmus Email Client Market Share: Where People Opened in 2013

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