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Who Broke My Email!? An Explanation

Ever received a marketing email that looked… off? Sure you have. Gaps between images, hyperlinks rendered nearly invisible against a background color, strange spacing around the text. We’ve seen it all, and you probably have, too.

Who’s to blame for these goofs? In a lot of instances, individual email clients can wreak major havoc on an email — certain elements tend to display differently from one client to another, and even from one computer operating system to another. But there are a lot of things that can go wrong before an email even arrives at a subscriber’s inbox. Thankfully, Litmus has created an infographic that details what to be mindful of at each stage of the email process, from creation to delivery.

With email, you can never be too careful. Remember: build simple and strong, and test, test, test!

Road to Email Rendering Infographic

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