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Write A Value Proposition that Rises Above Your Competition

You already understand that a key part of marketing your business is highlighting its key benefits.

But a bulleted list of benefits alone doesn’t sell anything. What sells is positioning yourself as the right choice. What sells is the promise that your business holds more inherent value than your competition does.

This promise is called a value proposition. Ideally it should be very brief and very clearprospects should be able to read and understand it in five seconds. It sounds simple, but deceptively so. After all, coming up with the perfect statement that will convince prospects to buy from you is a very big deal indeed!

Good news: this infographic from Quick Sprout can help. It explains what a value proposition is, what it isn’t, the process of creating one, and finishes up with some great examples to get your wheels turning.

Too many businesses don’t bother with a value proposition, or they carry around a weak one for years without bothering to optimize. Don’t be one of those businesses. Take the time to develop a great value proposition now, so you can start reaping the benefits later.


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