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Your Future Customers are Culture Creators

We hear a lot about Millennials, and rightfully so: as the “youth of today” have graduated high school, gone to college, and begun entering the workforce, they’ve inspired a tidal wave of new media and pop culture trends.

But what about the generation after the Millennials?

Generation Z is the up-and-coming group of culture creators — they’re so up-and-coming that the tail end hasn’t even been born yet. Brand solutions partner Wildness surveyed around 3,000 youth to get a feel for how kids today identify themselves and engage with technology, media, cultural values, and social issues. Here are a few highlights from what they found:

  • If left with only one device, 0 in 10 would keep their television.
  • Over 25% post original video at least weekly, compared to 26% of adults who have ever posted a video.
  • 94% said “being true to myself” is important — other top values include self-reliance and creative expression.
  • Among their most important social issues are animal cruelty, cyber bullying, and discrimination.

Why take the time to learn about our future culture creators? Because one day they’ll be your customers. Heck, they could already be influencing your customers, as the survey also reports that over 91% of respondents provide opinions on their parents’ buying decisions. For example, younger generations are more likely to choose brands that take social stances and embrace inclusive marketing – many prioritize this as important as product price and convenience.

Check the infographic out for yourself, and remember, it’s never too early to start planning what you’ll create for the new generation of Culture Creators.
Culture Creators

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