Author: Jill Kingdon

Meet our Girls Inc Extern, Tahis!

We are thrilled to welcome an extern through Girls Inc Eureka! program again this summer!  Eureka! is a 5 year college-bound program for girls in 8th through 12th grade. Along with monthly meetings, the girls attend special field trips and participate in unique programming each year.  During the summer of the third year, the girls complete a 4 week externship with a company to get some hands on...

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Art Break: Andrea Zittel and the Use of Space

In this addition of Art Break, I want to introduce you to Andrea Zittel and her work on how people occupy living space.  Zittel is an American artist who began developing functional objects and experimental living spaces in the 1990s. Her structures examine the minimum amount of space required for a person to live comfortably in the most efficient and functional way possible. One example of her...

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Art Break: Complicate your Life with a Goldberg Machine

Art Break is back and this month I wanted to take a look at the ridiculously complicated Goldberg Machine.  Named after the artist and inventor Rube Goldberg, the machines are basically a series of chain reactions that in the end accomplish a very simple, possibly unnecessary task.  That doesn’t exactly sound very interesting, but take a look at kinetic artist Joseph Herscher’s Goldberg called “The...

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Art Break: Zimoun’s Wall of Sound

In this new series on the blog, I’ll be taking a break from my daily to-do list to share some pieces of art that have caught my eye. I’ll do my best to pick a variety of artists and creative pieces that spark my interest and I hope yours as well! If you have any suggestions of art or artists you’d like me to cover, let me know in the comment section below, I’m all ears! For my first edition of Art...

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The Subtle Art of the Yarn Bomb

If you haven’t heard of yarn bombing, don’t worry. These aren’t the kind of bombs that explode – but if they did, they would probably feel pretty cozy! Yarn bombs are fun, spontaneous forms of street art – bits of crochet or knit yarn placed in unexpected places. Some think of it as “graffiti knitting.” They can be large, covering an expansive area like the side of a building, or small, wrapping...

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First Impressions of the Liquid Image Xtreme Sport Camera

If yellow isn’t your thing, the LI Extreme Sport camera comes in a rainbow of other options (see below). Recently I attended Vita Travel’s grand opening in downtown Santa Barbara. It was a fun party and as part of the celebration they raffled off a number of covetable travel items including luggage, clothing, and high-tech gadgets. And to my surprise it turns out I was the lucky winner of...

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Choosing and Using Recyled Paper

Fun paper mobiles made by Gosh and Golly // Source: Here at Dowitcher Designs we aren’t printing nearly as many marketing materials anymore, especially with so many easier online marketing options. But there are still items that are necessary to have in paper — like business cards — so when you have to print, why not choose a recycled option? Many...

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Color and the Art of Persuasion

I was in an art museum once when a toddler — no more than two years old — walked up to a projection on the floor that rotated among several large corporation logos. Several flashed by and then the famous “golden arches” of McDonald’s appeared. The little girl immediately exclaimed, “Mmm, french fries!” She couldn’t yet read, but she already associated...

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